Memory Screening for 2019 “FREE”

Dealing with someone with severe Alzheimer’s on a daily basis is a hard pill to swallow. I’ve been the primary caregiver for my mother for the past 5 years and it hasn’t gotten any easier. I feel that spiritually God has allowed me to pull strength from him and knowledge from reading and becoming aware. If Alzheimers run in your family… yes even at the tender age of 35, I highly suggest you begin partaking in memory screening activities. I have added information about Memory Screening programs that begin here shortly in January of 2019. Feel free to comment, share or just embark on this wealth of information that I wish to pass on.

EVENT: National Memory Screening Program – Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

DATE: January 11, 2019

TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

LOCATION: Cooper Green Mercy Health Services (1515 6th Avenue South, Room 608, Birmingham, AL 35233)

INFORMATION: FREE Confidential Memory Screenings.  A memory screening is a simple and safe “healthy brain check-up” that tests memory and other thinking skills.  Each memory screening takes approximately 15 minutes and while the result is not a diagnosis, it can suggest if someone should see a physician for a full evaluation.  National Memory Screening Program is an initiative of: Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.  866-232-8484 

CONTACT: Please call Dedra Lewis at (205) 325-5567 for an appointment.